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Byron Bay International Malibu Classic 2017 – Surf Festival

Classic Event – Surfs Up!

I have recently, by default of having a surfing boyfriend, become part of a fundraising event, the Byron Bay Malibu Classic. This is a surf competition that began in the late 70’s with a group of local surfers that had a common love of riding Malibu’s. They would have impromptu, informal contests and get together for social activities. No official club at this stage but certainly the frontiers of a Malibu riding revival! By the early 80’s due to the popularity of the event and the sport of Malibu riding they had themselves “The Byron Bay Malibu Club”. A club where people young and old would gather on one Sunday a month, have a social surf, a BBQ and tell stories keeping the Malibu dream alive.

Did you know that the reason they have this event in Byron at the time of the year they do, being late April early May is because, Byron Bay at this time of the year acts like a funnel, directing big southerly winter swells with great waves onto our pristine shores. The best vantage points for these waves, as far as Malibu’s go, is either Wategos or The Pass. Although The Pass can handle a larger swell Wategos provides a natural amphitheatre which makes holding the contest a dream. (Bet you didn’t know that, now we both do!)

Back to the Club Members and hosting the event annually. This is a group of dedicated volunteers that give their time to raise money for the local community in Byron Bay. The Byron Bay Malibu Club is one of the oldest longboard clubs in Australia. They meet every 2nd Sunday of the month for a surf round at Wategos beach.(Albeit while having lots of fun keeping their surfing dream alive!).

It works a little like this, you have love of surfing on a Mal so you enter the competition in the category suited to your age (I believe there are 15 different categories). You pay an entree fee, which, of course, works towards covering the large outgoings to get this event off the ground each year and also gets you a T-Shirt as a token memory you were part of this annual Byron Bay ritual.

These passionate volunteers canvas the local businesses to rally support via cash donations, product donations, time donations, in fact, anything you have to offer to assist their cause they will take it, “thank you, kindly”.

During the lead up to the big day there are various fund raising events in the community. Check out their website for details of whats on this year.

So you may now be asking where does this fundraising money end up. Some of the past recipients have been,  the Byron Bay Pre-School, Byron Bay Hospital, Westpac Helicopter, Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol, The Cape Byron Headland Trust, The Uncle Project, Byron Bay Youth Activity Centre just to name a few and the list changes as per the needs of the community at the time.

I suggest you go to the Facebook Page (or call me direct on 6685 5047 ) get your entry form and come along and have a bit of fun 22 April – 24 April 2017. Its Byron bay’s longest running event, it will get you into the sea, you will have a laugh or two and support some great causes.

Cheers and see you when we’re looking at you!

Rosy & Steve








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