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1st Birthday – 1st Anniversary

1st Birthday – 1st Anniversary – December  12, 2015 was the anniversary of twelve months of running  Beaches Apartments. It’s been a huge year on many levels and I was glad to say goodbye to 2015 and can’t wait for what 2016 has in store.

I’m pleased to share that we are now ranked No. 3 out of 61 places to stay in Byron Bay on the world famous travel review site “TripAdvisor”.  When we took over the business we were ranked No. 49 of 61 places to stay. Yes folks,  that’s a huge leap of positiveness and we are delighted to be where we are now.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to be” numero uno ” (that’s No 1 for anyone who does not understand my pretend Italian!).

If I was to glamorise this blog and say that’s its been twelve months of blood, sweat and tears to get us here I would have to say that the only tears have been from breaking a nail when a cleaner does not turn up and I need to put my “housekeeping hat” on. The  sweaty bits would be from doing the rigorous work out that the marvellous cleaners perform daily and as far as blood…….hmmmmmm…..there may have been a few drops of red colouring when giving the garden a tidy and not wear gardening gloves.

So there you have your blood, sweat and tears that got us where we are today, which is now running a business that was running at a 50% occupancy with a number of ridged rules, policies and guidelines to (may I just repeat myself with ranked Number 3 in Byron Bay on TripAdvisor! ) a successful business running at an average of a 75% and steadily rising.

Yes,  we are delighted, and yes , you are welcome to come visit and see why we are the new black and talk of TripAdvisor in Byron Bay.

See you when I’m looking at you.



Trip Advisor says number 3 in Byron Bay! Just saying.....??☀️? #beach #blessed #rosy #love #byronbay #tripadvisor #playa #travel #family #fun #jinglebells #santa #christmas #beachesapartments #happy #holidays #lastminute #vacancy #sun #sunset

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